About Jumping Pillows®



The Jumping Pillows®, was brilliantly designed in Denmark over 26 years ago and has been engineered for the safety of its user. Our inflatable trampoline and its method of installation is the only one in the US market that follows the well respected Certified standards which was first obtained by the Danish inventor. We carry a 5 year warranty on our product and provide one of the highest quality PVC fabrics available in the market. Our newly developed material provides a much longer wear factor and is treated with the highest UV protection which prevents early fading of its surface.

To properly service our customers, our company carries additional insurance called Product Liability Insurance, an added insurance policy we have obtained, which protects our clients, in the event there is a product defect or failure. We strongly believe in doing the very best for our customers and believe that having a product that is insured in the correct manner.

The Jumping Pillow® is available in a number of brilliant colors and can be personalized with your own company logo.

While there are copies of our product in the marketplace, there is only one Jumping Pillow®.

For Information, please call us at:
865 428 7526.

or email at:
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New longest lasting, fire retardant canvas (released in 2013).
Highest level of UV protection.
Engineered by European Safety Certification Agency.
Safest jumper on the market.
5 year warranty.
Fully insurable see our insurance page.
Available in 5 indoor and outdoor sizes custom sizes also available.
Offered in 8 standard colors.
Imprinted logo and safety instructions on your Jumping Pillow.
Long life anchor system.
Installed by highly trained technicians – covered by liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
Industrial grade motor.
7 day timer inflates and deflates at your discretion.
Fully detailed operations manual.
Unbeatable customer service at its best!


Additional special order Jumping Pillow colors.
Variable speed motor available (but not necessary).
Custom personalized logos on your Jumping Pillow promote your business!
Off season Jumping Pillow cover.
Shade cover to give your Jumping Pillow and customers a break from the sun.
Additional Jumping Pillow safety signs.

Jumping Pillows Outdoor Sizes

Code Measurement
JP3 29.0 x 26.0 Feet
JP4 38.6 x 30.0 Feet
JP5 48.0 x 33.0 Feet
JP6 58.9 x 33.0 Feet
JP7 68.5 x 33.0 Feet

Jumping Pillows Indoor Sizes

Code Measurement
IP3-20 29.0 X 20.0 Feet
IP3-25 29.0 x 25.0 Feet
IP4-25 38.0 x 25.0 Feet
IP4-30 38.0 x 30.0 Feet
IP5-30 48.0 x 30.0 Feet