Our International Partners


With Thousands of Jumping Pillows® installed worldwide, let our experience speak for itself.

Meet our Global Partners

Jumping Pillows® – Australia www.jumpingpillows.com.au

Jumping Pillows® – New Zealand www.jumpingpillows.co.nz

Jumping Pillows – Czech Republic www.tomovyparky.cz

Jumping Pillows – South Africa www.jumpingpillows.co.za

Jumping Pillows – Denmark www.hoppepuder.dk

Jumping Pillows – Switzerland www.bauhandwerk-freiamt.ch

Jumping Pillows – Germany www.huepf-kissen.de

Jumping Pillows – United Kingdom www.jumpingpillows.co.uk

Jumping Pillows – Netherlands www.airtrampoline.nl

Jumping Pillows® – USA/Canada/Central and South America


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