Insurance is a key component when purchasing a Jumping Pillows®. While we list a number of Insurance companies below, these firms will be able to find an insurance program to suit your business and insure your Jumping Pillows®, it is extremely important to educate yourself on your insurance coverage needs and your liability exposure. The companies below will be happy to help you with insurance for your park, however this is only covering your business liability, so it is important to understand that your exposure does not stop there.

Original Jumping Pillows LLC, goes above and beyond. We stand behind our product and our customer by covering our Jumping Pillows® with the correct insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is called PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE which covers our product in case of defect or failure causing any 3rd party damage or injury.

Understanding your insurance coverage and limits is a very important matter, when purchasing any product for your business. If there is no product liability coverage attached to a product you purchase, the liability may fall back onto the buyer and your insurance will not cover product liability or product failure, which can be very costly in the event of a loss. It is very important that when you are looking at a new product for your business that you ask, “Can you provide proof of product liability insurance?”


Insurance Specialists

As with any new product introduced to your business, you will be required to obtain insurance to cover the property and liability of your new inflatable trampoline. Should you or your insurance carrier have any questions, such as the history or safety of the Jumping Pillows®, we will be ready to assist you to get your policy in place.

Please see the list below for experienced insurance agents we can recommend.

Leavitt Group – Recreational and Hospitality Insurance.
(800) 525-2060
(605) 423-4341

Outdoor Insurance Group – As for Leana Defurio.
(888) 683-7808
(303) 951-5052

Evergreen USA RRG, Inc.
(800) 343-7900
(207) 784-6475 (fax)

Westland Insurance – Ask for Ken Donat.
(888) 292-7389
(608) 343-0273
(608) 768-0401

HUB-BHJ Insurance, Inc.
(800) 300-4370
(307) 672-5833