Original Jumping Pillows® has been building inflatable trampolines for more than 3 decades. We are the official distributor and Trade Mark Holder of The
Jumping Pillows® name to the USA, Canada, Central and South America. We strive to provide the best available product on the market. We offer the best
customer service and follow-up in the industry.

Our new ultra durable canvas makes the Jumping Pillows® very long lasting and provides the ultimate in UV protection. The Original Jumping Pillow® is fully
insurable and welcomed by many different classes of business. Our product carries a certificate of engineering and is registered in all states in the USA,
Canada and Central and South America.

With over 30 years’ of experience and thousands of installations worldwide, we recommend this product and not the copies sold in the market.

If you’re looking for a proven product that can bring hours of fun, draw new customers and generate more income for your business, you should consider the
Original Jumping Pillows®.

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• New longest lasting, fire retardant canvas (released in 2013).
• Highest level of UV protection.
• Engineered by European Safety Certification Agency.
• Safest jumper on the market.
• 5 year warranty.
• Fully insurable see our insurance page.
• Available in 5 indoor and outdoor sizes custom sizes also available.
• Offered in 8 standard colors.
• Imprinted logo and safety instructions on your Jumping Pillow.
• Long life anchor system.
• Installed by highly trained technicians – covered by liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
• Industrial grade motor.
• 7 day timer inflates and deflates at your discretion.
• Fully detailed operations manual.
• Unbeatable customer service at its best!


• Additional special order Jumping Pillow colors.
• Variable speed motor available (but not necessary).
• Custom personalized logos on your Jumping Pillow promote your business!
• Off season Jumping Pillow cover.
• Shade cover to give your Jumping Pillow and customers a break from the sun.
• Additional Jumping Pillow safety signs.

Jumping Pillows Outdoor Sizes

Code: JP3  –  Measurement: 29.0 x 26.0 Feet
Code: JP4  –  Measurement: 38.6 x 30.0 Feet
Code: JP5  –  Measurement: 48.0 x 33.0 Feet
Code: JP6  –  Measurement: 58.9 x 33.0 Feet
Code: JP7  –  Measurement: 68.5 x 33.0 Feet
Code: JP8  –  Measurement: 78.5 x 33.0 Feet
Code: JP9  –  Measurement: 88.5 x 33.0 Feet
Code: JP10  –  Measurement: 98.5 x 33.0 Feet

Jumping Pillows Indoor Sizes

Code: JPIN-3  –  Measurement: 29.0 X 26.0 Feet
Code: JPIN-4  –  Measurement: 35.0 x 26.0 Feet
Code: JPIN-5  –  Measurement: 38.0 x 26.0 Feet
Code: JPIN-6  –  Measurement: 40.0 x 30.0 Feet
Code: JPIN-7  –  Measurement: 48.0 x 30.0 Feet


• Founding Company and over 29K pillows sold over 30 years.
• Our name is a Trade Marked® and is what is recognized in the market place. Other Jumpers or inflatables cannot use our Trademarked name.
• Our Product is made of an exclusive material made just for our company. We have a better wear and UV layer added to our product, giving our pillow a longer lasting surface than other copies.
• Our Product carries a Certificate of Engineering and is installed with Metal triangles and not just ropes as our competitors use. It is how the product was originally designed and has worked successfully for over 30 years.
• Our Certificate of engineering protects you the customer, in the event of an incident on a pillow. Our competitors do not have an engineering certificate and do not use our methods.
• The rope install used by other companies, does not work for the long term and creates additional cost to you the customer in the long run.
• Our product is Installed by our trained installers and technicians.
• 5year warranty on our pillow cover.
• We carry all the relevant Insurances.
• We offer an all-inclusive price, no additional costs for travel and accommodation.
• You can advertise our product as the Original Pillow Company® and can use the name Jumping Pillows® in your advertising.